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Great All Around Advice from Dr. Van der Sluis

Great All Around Advice from Dr. Van der Sluis

Must be dry , draught free, well ventilated and facing south east if possible, this will create enough sun in the loft. Prevent fumes from new materials when used in the loft construction and be hygienically.

To many pigeons in the loft will cause problems with the health. Good variety of food and clean grain mixtures without fungus and mites ( check sometimes microscopically). The best choirs is a good quality trade mark. The pigeons need extra components like FOOD SUPPLEMENT.  Make sure that enough red stone and grits are given.

Preventive Vaccinations
The best you can do is vaccinate against Pox, Paratyphoid and Paramyxo each year.

Preventive Controls
Test the droppings and the throat on parasites.

TRICHO CURE during breeding,  TOTAL DISINFECTION CURE after the races and ORNI CURE for the mucus before basket.
If necessary a PARATYPHOID CURE in the winter season.

Quality of the pigeons
This is of great importance. Fanciers often say “ In every loft are good ones” but what is a good pigeon? Keep searching for better racing stock.

Try our medical, feed and care system. Further you can learn things by successful fanciers. Don’t overburden or over train the pigeons. That will cause a loss of form. Don’t train the pigeons when you have any doubt about their form.

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