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KBDB Champion Pigeon Super Health Secret

KBDB Champion Pigeon Super Health Secret

As you all know, I travel quite frequently to Belgium and “It ain’t just birds” I’m looking for. I want to know how they select breeders, how they feed and medicate and when. What medications are used and how. How do you prepare pigeons for the races on the widowhood system?

I had one KBDB Champion type out the whole system, medication, feed, training, etc, etc. He wanted to take me to visit Champion lofts, and when I refused with, “why should I visit any other lofts when you are the KBDB Champion of Belgium for the second year in a row? ” All I want is how you breed, train, prepare and maintain your pigeons during the racing season, which he did for me.

You see, when you buy a pigeon from a man, you must always buy the man too. When you buy  pigeons from a Sprint racer, you wouldnt race those youngsters at the distance. They werent bred for that type of racing. There are always exceptions to the rule, but they are few and far between.

Getting back to super health. I was racing in New York and this one season, I was getting beat by pigeons that never came close to me before. I trained harder, still no success. I called Europe, looking for different pigeons, as mine weren’t making it. I was ready to get rid of every pigeon I owned, and start anew with different blood. One day a friend of mine, who had the same problem, dropped by.

When I told him what was happening, he said, “don’t you know why they are beating you?”  No, I said. “Cortisone” was his reply. What’s Cortisone?

He told me, a few drops will allow a pigeon to fly all day, and never get tired. The use of Cortisone was prevalent in Europe at the time, but I never heard of it, and it was never discussed. Talk about naive.

I went to Europe to see my champion friend. I asked what he knew of Cortisone. At the mention of the word, he recoiled in horror, “John,” he said, dont EVER use cortisone on your pigeons as you will lose all your good pigeons.

He went on to tell me, that the cocks will show no interest in hens, hens will show no interest in cocks, they will become sterile, and in a few years, your breeding stock will become too old to breed, and you will have lost all your championship blood.

He pointed out, that a champion flyer who sold many pigeons, HAD to win to keep selling his birds so he used cortisone. For a few years, he did great, then his pigeons disappeared from the win list. My friend advised him this would happen. He then went to my friend and bought an entire round of youngsters to salvage his racing successes.

I then asked what I should do for my problem? His words were this, ” A pigeon on Cortisone will never beat a super healthy pigeon, keep your pigeons healthy.” This, from a man, who was KBDB champion 2 years in a row, the first time ever this was accomplished. I had to be a fool not to take his advice.

Thats when I asked for his entire management health system and he obliged me without hesitation. This man in the last 20 years has not been less than 10th in the KBDB list of all long distance champions in Belgium every year, he was first twice.

I went home armed with this vital information, no pigeons…LOL. Let me back up, back in the U.S. the members of my club were laughing to my friend, what happened to John and his imports?

That was the last time they mocked my pigeons. It was the last year for me in NY and I put my head down to win. That year I won 12 first places, and 4 first combines. I took their money every week, if I flew 1 race, 2 races or 3 races, I was 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each race.

Of course those that were using cortisone weren’t beating me any more, so guess what? They accused me of using cortisone. To which I responded, “I will let a veterinarian take blood from my entire race team, and if cortisone shows up in the test, I will kill all the pigeons, refund their money and tear down the loft.”

That was the last of the talk. They didn’t take me up on my offer…LOL. They were beat by superior pigeons with a superior handler…VBG. That is why I place a premium on super healthy pigeons. They will fly through a brick wall to win a race for you, all natural, no drugs needed.

So here is the Pigeon Super Health Secret:

On Monday and Tuesday, in the water, a respiratory medication along with a canker medication. Wednesday, a liver cleansing medication, on Thursday, a vitamin and a good bacteria tonic. Friday, a complex vitamin, good gut bacteria, in the water.

On the feed, omega 3 oil and creatin powder. Saturday A.M., Vitamin w/glucose, amino acids, and remove water. P.M. a very small amount of “pigeon candy” then fresh, plain water, 4 hours before shipping.

The following week, you repeat, EXCEPT, Monday and Tuesday you put in a coccidia medication in the water, not the canker medication. On the following week 3rd week you go back to the canker medication, on the 4th week, back to the coccidia medication.

The three “killers” for young birds are canker, coccidia and respiratory. Keep them under control and you will have a winning season. One other thing, DON’T take strange pigeons in your loft with your youngsters. You will ruin your entire season.

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