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Pigeon Darkening & Feed Part 1

Pigeon Darkening & Feed Part 1

Part 1 of 2

I start my youngsters on a modified Darkening system. The darkening system retards the molt, it doesn’t stop it. When the pigeons are flown every day, they are put on a regular schedule i.e., off the darkening system. They will molt, but they will molt SLOWLY.

By the time of the special races they will have their 8th, 9th, and 10th tips to go, a full wing, that’s what you are looking for. They will be fully body molted early in their lives. Remember, body molting is more stressful to a pigeon than molting their flight tips. Any pigeon that DID NOT molt at all, is not on the darkening system, he is on something else.

Health is a very important aspect of racing pigeons, super health produces your winners. A pigeon that is super healthy will beat any pigeon on drugs or anything else that is illegal. I don’t start my pigeons on any regimen until I have them trained to 50 miles, Why? I don’t want them so healthy that they will fly far from the loft, and never return, a flyaway.

Just good race feed and fresh water at this time. I weigh all the feed I give my team. Normally, 1 ounce per pigeon, more if they are working hard. I never overfeed them, they must always be hungry, never starved, if not, you will pay for it. My youngsters start off with 1/2 an ounce, a little more when I decide they need it. When your pigeons are hungry, you can train them to do anything you want.

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