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Pigeon Darkening & Feed Part 2

Pigeon Darkening & Feed Part 2

Part 2 of 2

So in this training period, hungry is good. In training when they come home and trap quickly, they will get a little more feed until they start to take their time trapping, then I go back to the 1/2 ounce per bird.

I use the scanner clock for every training toss. It tells me when they arrived home and the sequence in trapping, how long it took the entire team to get into the loft. Not to mention the band numbers of the first pigeons.

At this point, I start to implement my management system, same as I will when they are racing. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday,  I treat in the water for respiratory and coccidia. Wednesday and Thursday they get a 10 in one oil on the feed, omega 3 oils, to which I add, Brewers yeast, Glutamine, DMG, Creatine, Digestal, Form mix, and High energy mix.

In the water, I add, chopped garlic, apple cider vinegar, vitamins, good bacteria, tea, L-Carnitine and some other vitamins. This regimen is given every other week. The only change is on the alternate week, I substitute a Canker medication for the Coccidia medication, all else remains the same.

Friday they receive race feed and fresh water, Saturday morning, early, 8am, they get 1/2 rations and fresh water, which is then removed from the loft after they all had a drink.

About three hours before shipping, I give them a handful of Pigeon Candy mix, no water. One hour before packing them they get fresh water and they all take a good drink. The water remains until I pack them for the race.

I do this because they do not get watered on the race truck and on a hot day they will go in the gutters for rain water to drink and not come in to clock. This way when they have a crop full of water, it will sustain them till they return home for a drink they know is waiting for them.

In the Staten Island club we fill the water troughs till the truck comes to pick up our pigeons, one mans job on shipping night is to make sure all the troughs are filled. Not all clubs do this. Its a good thing to implement if your club doesn’t already do it.

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