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Food Supplement

A magistral prepared complete food supplement which will give a spectacular improvement of the condition in racing pigeons.
VITAMINS: Vit A 450000 ie, vit D3 100000 ie, vitE 3000 mg, vitB1 250 mg, vitB2 260 mg, Nicotinamide 1000 mg, vitB5 0,8 mg, vitB6 250 mg, Folineacid 25 mg, Biotine 4000 mcg, vit K3 30mg, vit C 13000 mg.
AMINO ACIDS: Analine 6.65 gr, Arginine 6,82 gr, Asparagineacid 7,56 gr, Fenylalanine 4,30 gr, Cystine 2,26 gr, Glutamineacid 14,80 gr, Glycine 5,00 gr, Histidine 2,92 gr, Isoleucine 3,95 gr, Leucine 9,50 gr, Lysine 4,62 gr, Methionine 1.90 gr, Proline 6,90 gr, Serine 5,00 gr, Thyreonine 4,50 gr, Tryptofaan 1.00 gr, Thyrosine 3,71 gr, Valine 5,62 gr.
MINERALS AND TRACE ELEMENTS: Ca 18,40 g, P 14,30 g, Mg 0,70 g, Na 3 g, K 9 g, Cl 6,5 g, Fe 100 mg, Cu 6 mg, Zn 80 mg, Mn 17 mg, Co 45 mcg, Se 13 mcg, Cr 80 mcg, J 90 mcg, Mb 80 mcg.

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Size: 1000 gr.

Mix the feed with some oil and sprinkle 1 measure spoon over 1 kilo of food.

2 or 3 days a week.
Racers, first 2 days of the week.
Breeders, with youngsters in the nest, give the whole week.

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During exertion, both water and electrolytes are lost from the bird’s system and they need to be replaced.

Now there is a supplement with the quality and uniqueness that only Dr. Van der Sluis products bring to the market.

Electrolytes are minerals and salts such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc. The administration of electrolytes is especially recommended after the race as promotion of the recuperation. Heavy muscular efforts make the body liquids acid and cause an increased loss of electrolytes, disturbing the acid base. It has been scientifically proved that the administration of electrolytes improves the recuperation after athletic efforts in a natural way.

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