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Treatment of coccidiosis in racing pigeons caused by Eimeria spp.

A magistral prepared water soluble powder with a combination from sulfonamids and amprolium. This combination restores the effect against coccidiosis.

To remove the oocysts from the coccidien, clean the lofts well after treatment. The test of droppings are needed for the duration of 6 months.

Coccidiosis must only be treated in case of moderate or severe infections because coccidiosis is no big problem by racing pigeons. By light infections is extra hygiene enough. After a cure always 2 days multivitamins like VitaMin Plus, Belvimin, or BelgaBion.

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Size: 150 gr


1 spoonful per 2 litres drinking water for 6 days.
When 20 pigeons drink more than 1litre a day, reduce or raise the dose proportionally. Try to administer enough medicines to provide the quantity the pigeons drink in 1 day. Refresh the water after 1 day.

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